Miss Côte d’Ivoire USA beauty pageant displays the cultural richness and the ethnic values of the Ivorian Community. It makes a significant contribution to our society by providing the young ladies an unforgettable experience in a successful program which promotes them as productive individuals within their communities.Through beauty, culture and excellence, under the endorsement of A+ Sisterhood Foundation, we vow to exhibit continuous dedication to women empowerment and extend the education opportunities for young women.We look forward to working closely with other Non Profit organizations or companies that share the same vision. 

At MISS Côte d’Ivoire USA, we want to raise more confident and powerful Ivorian female leaders. We show that Ivorian women are not only beautiful creatures but are empowered with a communion of intelligence, self-esteem, consciousness, tenacity, proficiency, driven by emancipation, ambition, social awareness, moral values, behavioral self-control and the ability to nurture, keep a charitable and loving heart while standing up for what is right. We work to destroy stereotypes and barriers, and provide support for the progress and education of our women. We want to establish a society where Ivorian women are leaders. They will no longer be viewed as the exception, but as the necessary and affluential members of society domestically and internationally.

history of Miss Côte D’Ivoire USA

Road to excellence

Miss CI USA launched

We launched the second Ivorian Diasporan Pageantry behind France

First Edition

With little to no resources, we curate our first pageant event

Second Edition

We learned a lot from our first pageant event and curate the second one.


The organisation grows and refresh is mad, now we aim bigger.

A+ Sisterhood is born

An organization making an impact in women’ lives by providing opportunities to pursue their goals at all levels.

Third Edition

We partner with 20+ sponsors to make the third event a big success and the public loves it.

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You belong here, Sis!

What you need to know before applying.

They make the events come true

Excellence, Pride and Culture through Beauty.

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