Miss CI-USA 2023


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I will encourage other Ivorians (especially the children/teens who are born in the U.S. like me) to be proud of where they’re from! One thing about us Ivorians we’re too proud and we’ll brag about anything such as being the number one Chocolate producer or having one of the world’s best soccer players (Didier Drogba) it’s apart of our culture. As an ambassador I will go out to our communities and help there’s a lot of people within our community who don’t have visas and green cards and because of it they don’t have access to government assistance such as food stamps/housing programs or people who come to the U.S. and don’t know any English my goal is to help those people. I’d also love to help the people who are struggling in Ivory Coast rather than solely donating to charities I’d like to go to Côte D’ivoire and see how people’s live are actually being impacted from the help and money that they’ve received.