Miss CI-USA 2023


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As a growing young woman, I have developed and learned many important life skills that currently guide me on my journey to success. Empathy, humility and integrity are amongst these skills. Being empathetic is being able to understand and see things from a different point of view other than your own. Being flexible enough to see the world around you and allowing other people’s experiences to shape how you could become a great leader and serve them. With empathy also comes humility. When a person practices humility, they put others before and above them. Holding the title as Miss Côte d’Ivoire USA already holds a great distinction of its own. However, it does not suggest superiority and arrogance. Having humility and a humble mindset is what allows this title to mean more than a crown and a sash, it is what allows others to respect and admire you. It is what measures the morals and values that you possess, the meaning of integrity. With these elements, I will be able to serve as a female ambassador by finding the common ground, the challenges, and the experiences shared amongst the Ivorian diaspora in order to uplift us and unify us as one. I will serve my purpose with grace and elegance and strive to become a great leader for my community.