Miss CI-USA 2023


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As Miss cote divoire USA 2023, I believe it is important to approach leadership with empathy, humility, and integrity in order to truly make a positive impact on the Ivorian communities in the US and abroad. First, by practicing empathy, I would aim to understand the unique challenges and experiences faced by Ivorian communities and strive to create solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. This could involve listening to community members and actively seeking out their perspectives and feedback, rather than imposing my own ideas on them. Second, I would approach my role with humility, recognizing that I am just one person and that I cannot solve all the problems faced by Ivorian communities on my own. I would work to build strong partnerships with community leaders and organizations in order to create a more collaborative and effective approach to addressing issues. Finally, I would prioritize integrity in all my actions as Miss cote d’ivoire USA 2023. This would involve being transparent and accountable in my work, making sure to follow through on any commitments I make to Ivorian communities, and being honest about my limitations and areas where I may need additional support.